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First Impressions of the Second Semester

My Thoughts and Feelings about the Start of This Semester
My Thoughts and Feelings about the Start of This Semester
My Thoughts and Feelings about the Start of This Semester

One of the major differences from high school to college is that "new year" feeling happens twice as often. In high school, you have one day in August where it's your first day of classes, and then in the next week or two you adjust to your teachers and everthing. You don't go through this process again until the next August. In college though, you go through this in August and then again in January.

I absolutely loved having a month at home between semesters. I mean, seriously, that's the greatest thing in the world! But now the second semester of my college career has started, and here's what I think about it:

So first it's super hard to leave home after being with your family for a month. As hard as Andy leaving his toys with Bonnie. (Try to control the sniffles now.)

But then you remember you get to be back with your roommates and other friends, who are all so awesome.

Unfortunately, even the best roommates can get irritating every now and then, especially after a month in your own room.

You've also enjoyed a month of your mom and grandma's cooking at Christmas time. Yum!!

And while there are many schools with worse food than UC, cafeteria and grill food are still not homecooking.

So once you get back in the swing of dorm life and cafeteria food, it's time to start going to class. (Because, you know, that's kind of a main priority of college.)

My first class is Intro to Church History. I found out we have to give a 15-minute presentation in that class.

BUT, it turns out that the class is pretty interesting, and I'm learning all kind of stuff.

Then I go to New Testament, which you'll probably take if you come to UC, so that you can fulfull your 2 religion classes requirements. And it's a whole class about Jesus, so basically all the stuff they never told you in Sunday School, which is geat.

THEN IT'S TIME FOR ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CLASSES!! I strongly recommend Exploring Missions Strategies with Dr. Bob (actually any class with Dr. Bob is a good idea).

The next day I go to American Literature. At first I thought, "Hmmm, I'm just not sure how this class will be." But since the professor's super sweet, I'm sure it will be fine.

Next is Spanish, and after a month of only English, it took my brain a little while to adjust. So, you know, a little confusing at first, but now it's giving me great practice.

Then I have another amazing class called Developing Our Spiritual Life, and while the professor's talking or showing us inspiring videos, I just sit there like this thinking "Whoa, you're so smart."

So I'm SUPER EXCITED about that class and basically all of my classes.

But you don't just go to class in college (or at least you REALLY REALLY SHOULDN'T).

So I'm trying out a couple of Bible study groups, and it's just some quality girl time while we talk about things Jesus is doing in our lives.

And the BCM is having a Winter Breeze semi-formal dance next week!! Not to mention the tickets are super cheap and go to help missions. So dancing, low price, and serving Jesus at the same time?! Except for chocolate and peanut butter, could there be a better combination?

Of course, with all this going on, I'll probably end up like this after a little while.

But that's okay because, all in all, I think this is going to be a pretty great semester at the University of the Cumberlands!!!!!!

So tell me, what are you excited for about this semester??


* images borrowed from tumblr

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My calling is to be a career missionary, and I’m so excited to prepare for that at UC! I love working with kids, whether it’s teaching Sunday School or VBS, babysitting, or playing with my 3-year-old brother.

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