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1750 Broadway, Oakland
Un[CO]mmon, located at 1750 Broadway, is a turnkey haven for the growing company. With 10,000 square feet of curated luxury office space, high exposed ceilings emanating natural light, this collaborative space beckons for the companies of the loftiest aspirations.

Building Features
    • Turnkey solutions for high growth companies

    • Private space easily partinioned for teams of all sizes

    • Flexible lease terms 6 months +

    • Premium sit/stand desks at every station

    • 10.000 sqft, modular and easy to grow

    • 3 conference rooms, 2 phone booths

    • Open kitchen areas with food and coffee, common lounge areas, and a speakeasy meeting room

    • On-site parking available

    • Work productivity areas optimized to maximize team communication and teamwork

    • Space designed to attract top talent

    • Full floor of creative space with high-end polished finishes: expertly designed

    • Exposed ceilings with abundant natural light emanating from full length windows

    • Fits team sizes up to 120

    • Lots of soft, luxurious seating to promote teamwork

    • State of the art conference rooms positioned for high collaboration

    • Many opportuities for company branding

    Near this location
    • Amazing location: 1750 Broadway is located in the heart of Uptown Oakland

    • Direct access to the 19th Street BART station

    • Amenities around: Thriving bars, restaurant and night life scene, including the Fox and Paramount Theaters

    Commute Times

    • Lake Meritt : 5 min 
    • Downtown Berkeley: 10 min

    • Montgomery : 14 min
    • Powell Station: 17 min  

    Give your team and future hires a place that they will love to come to every day

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