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1750 Broadway, Oakland
Uncommon, located at 1750 Broadway, is a turnkey haven for the growing company. With 10,000+ square feet of curated luxury office space, high exposed ceilings emanating natural light, this collaborative space beckons for the companies of the loftiest aspirations.

Building Features
    • Turnkey solutions for high growth companies

    • Private space easily partinioned for teams of all sizes

    • Flexible lease terms 6 months +

    • Premium sit/stand desks at every station

    • 10.000 sqft, modular and easy to grow

    • 3 conference rooms, 2 phone booths

    • Open kitchen areas with food and coffee, common lounge areas, and a speakeasy meeting room

    • On-site parking available

    • Work productivity areas optimized to maximize team communication and teamwork

    • Space designed to attract top talent

    • Full floor of creative space with high-end polished finishes: expertly designed

    • Exposed ceilings with abundant natural light emanating from full length windows

    • Fits team sizes up to 120

    • Lots of soft, luxurious seating to promote teamwork

    • State of the art conference rooms positioned for high collaboration

    • Many opportuities for company branding

    Near this location
    • Amazing location: 1750 Broadway is located in the heart of Uptown Oakland

    • Direct access to the 19th Street BART station

    • Amenities around: Thriving bars, restaurant and night life scene, including the Fox and Paramount Theaters

    Commute Times

    • Lake Meritt : 5 min 
    • Downtown Berkeley: 10min
    • Montgomery : 14 min
    • Powell Station: 17min  

    Give your team and future hires a place that they will love to come to every day

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