Sensational spaces. Best in Class services. Uplifting Community. Un[CO]mmon is more than just a place to work, it’s a place to love. A space should work seamlessly in the background so you can concentrate on what is important: your business. Our spaces reflect the ethos of growth and culture. Our team have years of experience in designing collaborative spaces that boosts productivity and spark creativity.


An “Un[CO]mmon solution" for high-growth companies, Un[CO]mmon provides state-of-the-art collaborative work spaces meant to reduce costs, increase profits, attract talent, and amplify productivity. Un[CO]mmon supports teams of 15 to 120 people with flexible, turnkey office space in which every detail has been thoughtfully planned so employees can focus on the success of your business. Un[CO]mmon: not all workplaces are created equal.


Companies in all stages of growth are leveraging an array of Un[CO]mmon solutions. We provide a 360 degree offering: we source your real estate, design and build your workspace, and ultimately operate every aspect of your office life.

Semi Private

Satellite office or swing space, this solution is ready for you.


Dedicated floors, multi-levels, wings, and or anything else you can imagine, our team’s got you covered.

Your HQ

We can fuse your unique brand with an entire building, block and even campus. Make your dream come true.

Inspire collaboration. Ignite creativity. Amplify productivity.

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