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Compensation Structure

We believe that brokers and tenant reps are a valuable and essential piece of the leasing process. Un[CO]mmon’s process includes them every step of the way. By working collaboratively it is our conviction that this creates the best possible experience. No matter your team size, Un[CO]mmon believes in redefining the office culture to fit your client’s needs. The entire process will be managed by experts at every level. From construction, real estate, design, services, amenities, and operations - Un[CO]mmon’s got you covered.

Initial Engagement

  1. Get in touch on any of our simple forms
  2. A confirmation message will appear immediately and a specialist from our team will reach out promptly.
  3. Once we have had a chance to review, we can determine if Un[CO]mmon will fit your needs.

We want to work with you

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